Kiri-mousse for Christmas!

The connection between KFC and Christmas is obvious if you knew Japan in the Showa era

Make Fur Not War

Who needs war, all we need is fur!

Wonder Mousse

Kiri-Mousse is Wonder Mousse!

La Vie Purrisienne

This summer, nekoccino moved its headquarters to Paris, France!

Turm Raiders

Meet nekoccino at Cafè M

nekoccino’s first exhibition at Cafè M, a historical cafe in Berlin!! now till May 2017. Come see us!

Klimt Kuss Katzen

A little tribute to the passing of possibly my first crush Prince

Zehn Cat 2

Zehn Cat 1

I am a Japanese Cat

Stilton showing his Samurai side

Kiri Looking Back

Is it beauty looking back? It’s Kiri looking back!

Fresco Cats

Kiri’s Dignity

Mousse was burnt in the paw but her dignity remains.

Moggy Stardust

A tribute to David Bowie, by a cat from Japan.

Star Paws


Bad Stilton

Fur, Fur Away


Trippin’ on Treppe

Happy Dönerstag

Mousse Salt

when it rains.. it purrs


Katzen Kotzen Cozze

Ach So…


Kirin beer at its purest, Kiri-Beer at its purrest.

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